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Research & Development
Market Entry

Prior to entering a new field in the market of pharmaceuticals, firms must be aware of all aspects that revolve around that particular market. To perform this task, a large amount of money is spent to studythe market in order to assess the need and supply of the product.

Product Development

Product development in the pharmacological industry requires extensive research in the laboratory as well as the field. Pharmaceutical companies invest millions of dollars annually to develop and market their new set of products with success.

Regulatory & Legislative Analysis

Several pharmaceutical firms face numerous challenges before entering a field and/or releasing a product into the market. These challenges could be regulatory or legislative in nature.

Patent Filings and Protection

The patent law is a crucial entity that ensures the copyrights and the fair compensation of developers are respected in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Graphic and Digital Development

Brand Identity recognition is essential to succeed in today’s business environment. ADAKS offers its skills and expertise to achieve the highest standards within Graphic and Digital Development.

Sales & Marketing

Sales’ Team training and Marketing campaign plans are key services offered by ADAKS, allowing its clients to succeed in today’s business environment.

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