Key Industries

The world of pharmaceuticals focuses on the development and production of new drugs that aim to treat or manage different ailments.

This field is a multibillion-dollar industry with giant companies competing all around the globe to be the first innovator of pharmacological drugs that solve patients’ problems.

Dietary Supplements

The industry of vitamins and supplements is enormous in size, with billions of dollars invested every year to grow this market.
Companies develop their own brands of vitamins and supplements to address certain deficiencies in the general population.

Medical Devices

Over the past few decades, the medical equipment industry has prospered due to the substantial increase in the incidence and prevalence of disease.
The market-leading brands of this field dedicate their products to hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure their jobs are done in the most efficient manner.
Each medical specialty has its own set of equipment, which also translates to the market, where every brand dominates one or more medical specialties.


The field of cosmetics releases products that help individuals get rid of or enhance certain physical characteristics on their bodies.
The main types that dominate this field include big cooperations that produce massive amounts of cosmetics and individual brands that are smaller in size and follow celebrities or influencers.

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